If You or Your Kids Love Ice Cream As Much As We Do, Then…

You Will Love This New Healthy Dessert Maker…That Instantly Turn Any Frozen Fruit Into Healthy Soft-Serve Dessert in Seconds…

(Without Additional Fat, Sugar, or Preservatives Compared to Other “Ice cream” Or “Yogurt” Like Treats.)








Yonanas Ice Cream Machine

Make healthy all-natural frozen fruit desserts with the Yonanas fruit soft serve machine. Skip the ice cream and turn frozen fruit into delicious sorbets and creamy desserts in just seconds

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Delicious & Healthy

With Yonanas, you can instantly turn 100% frozen fruit into a healthy dessert without additional fat, sugar or preservatives. Just thaw frozen fruits like bananas, peaches, mangoes, strawberries, blueberries and more for a few minutes, feed it into the Yonanas machine, and watch the soft-serve frozen fruit pour into your bowl ready to eat. And because it is 100% fruit, it is dairy free as well.


Easily create yummy vegan tasting treats by adding any combination of chocolate, or fruits like over-ripe bananas, berries, or mango to the chute for a smooth “ice cream” like the taste.


with this device, you can instantly churn 100 percent frozen fruits to create a healthy vegan dessert without additional fat, sugar, or preservatives compared to other “ice cream” Or “yogurt” like treats.

To make your Yonanas dessert simply cut up and freeze fruit.

Let the frozen fruit thaw 7-10 minutes and begin inserting fruit into the Yonanas machine.


Enjoy your Yonanas! And when you’re done, clean-up is a breeze with top-rack dishwasher-safe components.


Apple Pie

BlackBerries (With Banana)

Chocolate Dessert

Easy To Clean.


Create delicious desserts without the hassle of cleanup, as the chute, plunger, and blade are top-rack dishwasher safe.

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My favorite kitchen appliance

I never thought dessert could be so delicious and relatively calorie-free! This has been a blessing especially because it supports my health goals and new year resolution 🙂 We have had several friends try the ice-creams too and they love it! We’ve made blueberry-banana icecream, apple-maple-walnut-banana, and a raspberry-strawberry sorbet. I would highly recommend this product!

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Great Healthy Option for Kids!

I bought this as a gift for my 12 year old who loves healthy smoothies and frozen fruit treats. This is a simple set up, and very easy and safe for her to use. Frozen fruits, with no added sugars or additives, come out very creamy like a gelato or sorbet depending on the fruit she uses. The only downside – it is super loud…like will. wake the dead loud. Daniella O. Jame 




After getting a heart stent in April, my husband has finally decided to improve his diet. He has really missed ice cream, so we purchased this. We made banana/strawberry yesterday and it was delicious!!! And it has the same texture has ice cream. He’s a picky eater and he loves it so that’s good enough for me:) Daniella O. Jame 




Great Healthy Option.

Like how it made dessert easily that was only a few ingredients of fruit. Literally the most healthy dessert option around. Once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy! Daniella O. Jame Due to the popularity of our ‘dessert marker’ video on Tiktok (with over 17 million views), This Dessert Maker may sell out. As of November we do have limited supply of Dessert Maker IN STOCK and ready to ship within 24 hours.

When You Get 1 Dessert Maker Today, We Will Give You Our Dessert Recipe eBook With 44 Recipes In There To Help You Get going, You Will Also Get 3 Ice Cream Bowls And 1 Ice Cream Scooper FOR FREE.

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Look What’s Inside The Recipe Book You Will Get Today.

Our Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker is bringing back frozen desserts — but with an amazing twist. Enjoy all the ice creams, gelatos and desserts you want now by substituting fresh fruit for the dairy.  You choose your ingredients. You control what goes into the machine. There are so many options, both healthy and not so healthy (for the special occasions). The ingredients and combinations are endless.  This book is different. We went a little crazy in our kitchen lab and tried putting everything we could think of through our Dessert maker  machine.  The results were spectacular, the rest was omitted from this frozen dessert recipe book.  These recipes are mind-blowingly good. Don’t just make the same old boring banana and chocolate syrup ice creams. Add contrasting ingredients to create wonderful new flavors, like — Zesty Spicy Mango Sorbet or Sweet And Sour Watermelon Sorbet.With over 40 delicious recipes you or Your kids will definitely love it. Get The Healthy Dessert Maker At Discounted Price Today (While it’s still available).

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