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Her day of joy quickly turned into a day of sadness & tears😭 after she discovered what happened. After you read what happened to this lady you will not want to be a victim too...Continue Below for the full story.

It was December 16 last year a period of joy as Christmas was fast approaching but it will be a day of sadness, tears, and a huge loss of money for a young businesswoman in Abule Egba, Lagos State.


In the viral video shared by the popular blog, Instablog9ja, the seriously sad lady is seen shedding tears and lamenting in Yoruba mourning her huge loss.


She claimed the Naira notes were not fake when the customer brought them, and that they changed to fake after they left. 


The fraudulent customer bought drinks worth N200,000 and paid in cash. 


This would have been a huge sale for her.


But it was later discovered that the Naira notes the customer used to pay her were all fake.


Lamenting her loss, she said: “Fake money. The money changed because this isn’t how they bought it. Where do I want to start now?” 


I felt so bad for her…


You can watch the video below👇


She said the money was real when she was paid but after the customer left, and she checked it better, she discovered it was fake.😲


What she and other business owners and other individuals don’t know is that those people who make fake money are now so good that even if you check the money by holding it to light, you will say it is real money.


They have perfected the art of making fake money so that the money will even have all the security watermarks that CBN put in the real money.


But that is not all if you check the news almost every day there is news of someone using fake money to buy things and scam people. 


Just check below👇

Sometimes they are caught but most of the time they are not caught because not everyone knows how to check if a money note(s) is fake…


Even if you hold the money and use light to check it, you may not really know because those who do this fake money are now very good that it is now very hard to know fake money from real money…


These fake money experts have caused a lot of businesses to lose millions of naira and shut down because the businesses could not identify that they have been paid with fake money…


You might have been given fake notes as change maybe when you went to buy something or use public transport and you didn’t know until later when you wanted to use it and you were embarrassed.


To avoid becoming the next victim of scammers using fake money, you need a better way to be able to know fake money from real money…


And to avoid you being embarrassed when you, unfortunately, use fake money yourself that was given to you…


To help businesses like us and other individuals like you avoid being scammed with fake money ever again, we started a research to find the best way to be able to know fake money from real money…


And after spending time, money, and effort to test different machines, we finally discovered the perfect machine that uses new technology to identify fake money and save you from being scammed and duped… 


Introducing the Counterfeit Money Detector.


This machine uses a high-precision dual-violet color with fluorescent anti-counterfeit detection technology, that can identify any currencies and detect fake money from real money.


It can also identify fake certificates, invoices, securities, and other items.


Using its advanced technology, the Counterfeit Money Detector identifies the watermarks and any other distinguishing marks of the money that appears and you can now easily check the money if it is fake or real!


You can use it for your Shop, Bank, Restaurant, Supermarket, Warehouse, etc.


With this Counterfeit Money Detector, you will never be fooled by false money bills again.

Introducing Fake Money detector

Watch how the Counterfeit Money Detector helps you know fake money & save you from being sammed!

protect yourself & business from fake money!

here is what makes the counterfeit money detector the best machine you need to know fake money & avoid being duped!

Are fake bank notes jeopardizing your business? Are you looking for the best solution?

If you are, Counterfeit Money Detector will solve it for you.

Using the best ultraviolet light technology that detects fake bank notes, Counterfeit Money Detector will guard your business and will keep it safe.

It is small, lightweight, and portable in size making it easy for you to run your business anywhere and everywhere.

The latest designed professional-type money detectors assist you with the detection of forged and counterfeit banknotes, credit card, fluorescent stamps, and other legal documents.

The features of stronger and more powerful UV light enable you to use this product even in daylight!

It is also built with reliable components that allow maximum operation life.

Besides, this newest design will operate safely as it provides UV light protection from your eyes.

Generally, the reliable UV blue lamp of the unit can last for a long time. 

  • Compact And Portable.
  • Easy To Use.
  • Energy Saving Auto On/Off Switch.
  • Powerful 15w UV Light Detector.
  • Fluorescent Light For Watermark Verification.

Users like you love it!


Now i am more confident that i will no longer be duped with fake money like I used to be before I got the Counterfeit Money Detector.


A year ago, someone came to my shop and bought goods with fake money but I didn’t know the money was fake until when I took it to the bank.

After that anytime anyone comes to buy with cash at my shop, I use the light to check the money but I have still made mistakes like twice and was duped with fake money.

But after I saw the advert for this Counterfeit Money Detector, I quickly bought it and I use to check every piece of money that I collect and my shop and so far I have not been duped with fake money again.

I have been using it for 6 months now and it works well.


I used it in my supermarket and so far we have not reported any case of being paid with fake money.

How to Use the counterfeit money detector

Firstly, plug in the power cord and turn on the power switch, there is only one button to control.

Secondly, Put the paper money on the detecting platform, a clear and complete mark will appear on the real money by UV/WM detection, very easy to operate.

What’s in the box
1x money detector


Select Your Package Below…


BUY 1 (SAVE 40%)


Normal PRICE = N30,000


BUY 2 (SAVE 60%)


Normal PRICE = N60,000


BUY 3 (SAVE 80%)


Normal PRICE = N90,000


We know buying online can be a fearful experience, hence we want to reassure you that there is absolutely ZERO risk in buying from our store. We are so confident you will love & enjoy flexing the Counterfeit Money Detector that if you don’t like it after 60 days of enjoyment pls contact our helpful customer support and we’ll refund you. No questions asked!

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The stock of Counterfeit Money Detector is low and we’re not sure when the new shipment will arrive due to delays in production and supply to us so don’t miss out!

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