Now you can get a clean shave & smooth skin in just 2 minutes without getting razor cuts, bumps or itching!

Introducing: The revolutionary FlexSeries Shaver which is the only thing you need to shave & keep your head, face, and body clean and smooth-shaven without bumps, cuts and irritation no matter the type of hair you have or how sensitive your skin is!



Over 168+ Happy People are Enjoying the FlexiSeries Shaver!


See how the FlexiSeries Shaver Gives You A Clean Shave and Smooth Skin Fast & Easy!


YOUR MORNING ROUTINE JUST GOT FASTER: Get the cleanest shave of your life, without requiring multiple passes over your head, face or skin! Our five blade technology allows up to 50% more hairs cut in a single stroke.

You will sometimes even go to the barbing salon and waste time and money to barb or shave and if you, unfortunately, don’t have your own clipper, only God knows what kind of skin diseases you might get from the one the barber uses to barb hundreds of people every week.
That’s why the FlexiSeries Shaver is perfect for you!
This durable 5-blade rotary razor has soft alloy blades featuring Advanced Anti-Bump technology, making it safe, easy to use, and convenient while shaving your head and body.

What’s the best thing about the FlexSeries kit? No bumps. No mess. No stubble shaves.

Shaving made simple!

You deserve a shaver that effortlessly glides over your skin, making it feel smooth and clean.

But without the burn and without leaving a mess behind.

So, you can get on with conquering the day looking your personal best and feeling confident within minutes.

FREEDOM TO SHAVE WITH PRECISION: Each head rotates in an advanced pattern that enables you to cut the hair of various lengths with fewer strokes.

FREEDOM FROM RAZOR BUMPS: Trim hairs by using the right amount of pressure to prevent major and minor skin irritations.

FREEDOM FROM INGROWN HAIRS: Rotary blades never get close to your skin so you decrease the chances of having hair that grows back inside of the follicles.

FREEDOM IN TWO MINUTES: The FlexSeries is powerful enough to cut through even the coarsest facial hair without snagging. Enjoy a face that feels smooth against the grain quickly.

Perfect for every hair & skin type.

The FlexSeries features an ergonomic design that can help you comfortably tame facial and head hair.

Plus, the HyperFlex Technology enables you to smoothly transition from using it on your neck, face, and head.

It’s perfect for cutting thin hair, coarse hair, and any hair in between.

And you won’t have to worry about suffering from irritated skin or ingrown hairs afterward.

Make your morning routine 5x faster.

Stop wasting time with your current daily shaving habits.

Upgrade your life and get a comfortable, sensitive, and ultra-close shave in under two minutes.

Meet the all-new FlexSeries. The complete all-in-one grooming kit is designed for anyone who shaves and wants to look clean with smooth skin.

smooth shave with no bumps, cuts or itching.

The number 1 benefit when using this shaver is a smooth shave. 

Say goodbye to bumps, cuts, and irritation. Get a stubble-free shave in just a few minutes.

Perfectly designed for those who have sensitive skin. Cuts through coarse and curly hair with ease.

Fast and easy shave.

This flexible-blade system effortlessly glides over your skin quickly removing hairs and the comfortable design makes it safe and easy to hold  & use.

Made to fit in the palm of your hand. Safe for shaky hands to use!

saves time & money.

Be your own master barber. No more costly professional visits.

No need to waste time & money going to a barbing saloon. You can now barb & shave both yourself and your loved ones in the comfort of your home fast & easy.

Wet or dry.

The flex series is waterproof and can be used in the shower wet, or dry. It is designed with a blade that collects the cut hairs, so you can use it in the shower, in front of the mirror, or anywhere.

This next-level quality electric shaver can be used for wet or dry shaving, with or without shaving cream. 

Quick Charging Cable.

The kit comes with a micro-USB cable that results in fast and easy shaving. The cordless nature of the razor makes it easy to take for travel or use in hard-to-reach places.

It has an impressive battery life of over an hour and a half of constant use time. The light will show red while charging, and once it is ready to use the light will be solid green.

Easy To Use.

The FlexSeries is ergonomic and easy to hold and use whether it be on your head, beard, or elsewhere.

It shaves right down to the skin, without leaving any irritation such as bumps, cuts, or burns.

It is designed for men who love sporting a clean-shaven head but are tired of using old shavers, razors, or blades and want the job done quickly and right.

 The FlexSeries kit is also a great gift for your Husband, Partner, Father, Friend, or Brother..

The all-inclusive FlexSeries kit comes with 5 different essential grooming attachments for before, during, and even after shaving.


High performance five-head rotary blade combines our flex and precision technology that comfortably follows the contours of your head, face, and body. Allowing for irritation and stubble free shaves.


Creates precise lines for a cleaner, closer, and faster cuts. Increased control for fading, outlining, and trimming hard-to-reach areas. Includes 3-5-7mm safety guards to trim at your desired length.


The deep-cleansing brush is charcoal-infused, specially designed to remove impurities, brighten the complexion, and clear pores. The ultimate tool to help provide clean, close, and bump-free shaves.


The massager helps to prepare your skin for the most comfortable shave of your life by softening and lifting your hair follicles. Used to apply a pre-shave oil and your shaver will glide across the skin smoothly and effortlessly.


This smaller trimmer is made for the ears and nose. Confidently use the dual-edge spinning blades system with a protective cover, inner 360° rotating design, and precisely remove unwanted hairs without painful and unpleasant pulling.

What You Should Know About The FlexiSeries Shaver!

  • Symptoms of shaving irritation are painful and can leave you feeling uncomfortable while draining your self-confidence. We’re devoted to create a spectacular shave that will leave you looking and feeling better.
  • Truly an all-in-one solution for any person who shaves and enjoys nourishing their skin, regardless of hair or skin type. Not only designed to shave the head, but the FlexSeries also creates an upgraded grooming experience for your entire body.
  • Cleaning is fast and Easy: Open the blades and rinse them underwater to remove any hair.



“The best electric razor ever. I’ve never been able to use them due to how coarse my hair is, but this FlexSeries works great and keeps my dome smooth and shiny! Plus, I used to get ingrown hairs shaving my head, and now I don’t get them at all anymore. I love how easy and fast it is to shave now, I highly recommend this razor!”


I like how fast it is to shave my head vs using a Gillette 5 blade, there is no Comparison. No razor bumps no cuts!!!! I love it


I am totally Thrilled and Absolutely Pleased with My FlexiSeries Shaver. I use it wet or dry! It cleans up very well, and when charged it does last a good long time! Thank You.

What’s In The Box

After you place your order today…Tomorrow or next, you will receive a package that contains:

  • 1 x FlexiSeries Shaver
  •  1 x 5-Head Rotary Blade
  • 1 x Precision Clipper
  • 1 x 3-5-7mm Safety Guards
  • 1 x Exfoliation Brush
  • 1 x Pre-Shave Massager
  • Nose & Ear Trimmer
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Cleaning Brush to clean leftover hairs
  • Protective cover for the blade


Select Your Package Below…


BUY 1 (SAVE 40%)


Normal PRICE = N33,000

SAVE = N5,500


BUY 2 (Save 45%)


Normal PRICE = N66,000

SAVE = N14,000


BUY 3 (save 55%)


Normal PRICE = N99,000

SAVE = N24,000


We know buying online can be a fearful experience, hence we want to reassure you that there is absolutely ZERO risk in buying from our store. We are so confident you will love & enjoy flexing the FlexiSeries Shaver that if you don’t like it after 60 days of enjoyment pls contact our helpful customer support and we’ll refund you. No questions asked!

Hey! Want it tomorrow? Delivery is FREE if you order right now!


The stock of FlexiSeries Shaver is low and we’re not sure when the new shipment will arrive so don’t miss out!

Got Any Questions?



I am very impressed with this shaver. I bought it because of multiple ads where people claim how well it works. I shave the sides of my head and in one of those videos someone with my style was using it so I took a gamble and boy did it pay off.

Real close shave, easy cleaning, no real mess. I used it while showering with a hand mirror and it did great work. I’m sure if I use it as a normal hair clipper it’ll be even greater. The other attachments are pretty useful as well. This is an awesome device!


I’m a very hairy lady and sometimes I hate shaving with a razor I really got this for my husband but today I thought let me test this on my leg and guys omg it’s magical no itch and in 5 mins smoooooooth legs, goodbye Razor 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾


The product worked as advertised, I am able to shave both my head and facial hair. FlexiSeries Shaver is better than a razor. Highly recommended.

The FlexiSeries Shaver will save you time & make life easy. What are you waiting for?

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