Defend yourself from criminals both during the day and at night!

You Can Shock & Overcome Anyone Trying To Attack Or Harm You With The 2-In-1 Stun & Torchlight Electric Shock Taser Gun.


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People are getting kidnapped, robbed & killed everyday, and you don't want to be a victim. You must find ways & tools to defend yourself

Did you see that image above, it was gotten from The PUNCH, one of Nigeria’s most popular and credible newspapers.


But the truth is even though I and you know that the whole world especially Nigeria is not safe, seeing the number of people that have been killed and kidnapped just shocks me.


I am sure that these statistics were gotten from the reported cases of the unreported cases of killings and kidnappings that happen every day.



If you don’t want to be among those that will fall victim to these evil people who are killing and kidnapping people left, right, and center, then you need to protect yourself not just with prayers but also with self-defense tools.


And that is why The 2-In-1 Stun & Torchlight Electric Shock Taser Gun is a unique self-defense weapon that can immobilize an attacker without causing any long-term injuries.


The 2-In-1 Stun & Torchlight Electric Shock Taser Gun comes with a built-in torchlight, making it an even more versatile and effective tool for personal protection.


The 2-In-1 Stun & Torchlight Electric Shock Taser Gun is able to stun any size of attacker both human and animal.


Is waterproof and made of aerospace aluminum,


Resistant to the most violent hits,


And is a robust and effective personal defense tool designed for self-defense use.


It is telescopic so it can be extended like a classic shuttlecock, to adjust the length by blocking the torch head clockwise and unlocking in an anti-clockwise direction.


The handle is comfortable and non-slip, equipped with a wrist strap to prevent it from falling from your hand.


The torch is a very powerful function with 420 lumens to develop a visible light beam up to about 1 km.


With the 2-In-1 Stun & Torchlight Electric Shock Taser Gun, you can defend yourself and your loved ones from robbers, kidnappers, and other criminals anytime anywhere.


The powerful stun and electric shock technology will cause anyone that wants to harm to become paralyzed and you can overcome them and easily escape.


Don’t fall victim to the insecurity in the land, protect yourself and your loved ones with the 2-In-1 Stun & Torchlight Electric Shock Taser Gun.

The Secret Technology that makes the The 2-In-1 Stun & Torchlight Electric Shock Taser Gun the best tool to defend yourself against criminals is the Triple Stun Technology!

Triple Stun Technology: Most stun guns on the market today have only one or two points of contact.


When using this model to defend yourself, the Triple Stun Technology (TST) allows an electrical charge to emanate between three separate points on the top of the stun baton (two sides and the middle).


This creates a larger stun radius, allowing you to easily defend yourself.


Even when test fired the loud, bright electrical burst is often enough to stop an attacker, and if not, a jolt from this unit certainly will!

Here Are What Makes The 2-In-1 Stun & Torchlight Electric Shock Taser Gun the best self-defense tool for you!

Ultra Bright Torchlight

A Torchlight is an essential tool for anyone who spends time outdoors at night, but it can also be a useful self-defense tool.

This stun gun has a torchlight feature that gives you the best of both worlds by providing bright light to lighten your surroundings while also providing a powerful electric shock to deter an attacker.

The 420-lumen flashlight feature on this stun gun is incredibly bright, making it perfect for both self-protection and general lighting.

Maximum Shock & Stun Power

With high voltage and a thunderous sound, 2-In-1 Stun & Torchlight Electric Shock Taser Gun offers a powerful stun that will instantly disable any potential attacker.


Although the two rechargeable 18650 batteries are removable there is no need to take them out to charge. You simply plug one end the included recharging cord into the side of the unit and the other end into a standard wall outlet. It includes a charger wire so you can conveniently charge wherever you are and whenever. Additionally, it has a switch that stops the stun gun from turning on while it is in your pocket or bag.

Adjusts from 16.5″ inches to 19″ inches

With a quick twist of the handle, you can adjust this unit to any desired length between 16.5″ inches and 19″ inches.

At up to 19 inches long, this tactical baton is long enough to keep you a safe distance away from your attacker.

And when retracted to 16.5 inches, it is short enough to easily carry with you in the included holster.

Here is what those who are now enjoying the 2-In-1 Stun & Torchlight Electric Shock Taser Gun are saying…

I feel ready to defend myself anytime I am with it.

I go with it anywhere I am going to.

It has given me the confidence to leave for work early & not be scared.

I bought this for my security guards who protect my shopping mall.

The best self-defense tool you need in today's unsafe world!

  • Made of military-grade aluminum.
  • Combines a spiked baton with a powerful 9 million volt stun gun and a blinding flashlight.
  • The Triple Stun Technology (TST) allows the electrical charge to alternate between three separate points on the end of the unit.
  • This baton measures over 19 inches in length providing a longer reach than most stun baton flashlights on the market.
  • As the bright electric current pulsates across the top of the unit, it creates an intimidating electrical sound.
  • The shockproof exterior not only protects the unit from damage but can also be used to strike your assailant.
  • Suitable for personal security against animals and burglars.


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Old Price: N12,000

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