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Get A Free Custom Bracelet When You Order Now!!


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This watch is by far is classic timepiece, I love it. good quality. it is just dope, and it doesn’t seem to be a regular watch, because since I started wearing it,  I rarely see another person wearing the same watch.


after buying this Classic watch, I took 2 months before writing this, just in case. but it is still intact as if i just bought yesterday. The test of time? You get what you pay for. Its a very nice digital watch. Simple and clean. Gets the job done. The wristband is adjustable in case you were wondering


Just unboxed my package and I must confess, Topgrade Stores really outdid themselves. I bought their smartwatch in February and when I saw the ad for this I quickly jumped on it because I trust their products to be of the best quality. 


This classic watch is really good, I love it! I can’t believe I got it for this price. it’s definitely worth every penny, it’s just awesome.
Classic and of good quality at the same time. i love it.

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