Flush Out Stubborn Dirt From Your Car And Other Properties in minutes

the hidden secret why the magic hose pipe is so effective...

...Is in it's double layer 100% inner latex core Covered with polyester fabric which allows it to expand by 3 times it's original length and withstand pressure without leaking or bursting.

Watch this video to see how the magic hose pipe works

See how the pipe expands when filled with water and returns to it’s original length when the water supply is turned off.

With its durable, yet lightweight design, you will enjoy washing your car and floors as they will be sparkling clean due to its high-pressure function.


This flexible water hose pipe is designed to expand up to 3x its original length when water passes through it. When the water is not on, the pipe returns back to its original size, making it easy and convenient to carry and store.

Expands to 3 times it's original length.

This pipe hose with a spray nozzle is expandable, flexible, and very light in weight. When water passes through it, it instantly expands. When the water supply is turned off, it also goes back to its original size.

It is very long and when you connect it to a tap and water passes through the pipe, it will expand by 3 times its normal size and can reach up to 100 FEET.

7 function sprayers.

Multifunction spray nozzle with adjustable modes, including shower, flat, center, cone, full, mist, soaker, angle and jet.

it doesn't twist or tangle together.

The flexible design prevents tangling & twisting. The expandable hose is flexible & easy to handle and store.

Water your garden, wash your car, toilet, or windows. The multi-use magic Hose Pipe can do all of the above tasks and is capable of doing many more.

The magic hose is perfectly suitable for use in your kitchen, for washing cars, toilets and windows, cleaning your floors, fetching water to fill your jerrycans, plastic containers, and tanks, water your garden or other places where you need to fetch water.

equipped with a tap connector & handle.

The magic hose pipe also comes with a tap connector and with a handle to turn the pipe on and off.

How to Use the Magic Hose Pipe

✔Step 1: Make sure the rubber washer is placed firmly inside of Coupler for the spigot. It will prevent leaking when using the Magic Hose for the first time. It is recommended to slightly stretch the hose to release tightness in the outer folder material covering.

✔Step 2: Turn the on/off valve to the OFF position, Attach the connector end of the Magic Hose to the water source.

✔Step 3: Turn on the water source. Gradually increase the water pressure. The Magic Hose will automatically expand up to its original length. You can use it just like an ordinary hose.

✔Step 4: Turn off the water spigot when you finish using the Magic Hose. Drain out the remaining water. The Magic Hose will contract back to its original length while draining water.

What Makes the Magic Hose Pipe So Effective:


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What other people who have bought are saying!

Great product!!! I recommend the seller!! Well packed, DELIVERED ON TIME!

Used to wash my toilet and my balcony and became so clean.

Mrs. Arinola

The hose is very good quality, no water loss, very small when empty, but becomes very long when water passes through it and returns to original length when I put off the tap

Have been using it to wash my car, especially the tire areas where mud sticks and ut washes off the mud easily.

Johnson Chinedu

We know buying online can be a fearful experience, hence we want to reassure you that there is absolutely ZERO risk in buying from our store. We are so confident you will love & enjoy the Magic Hose Pipe that if you don’t like it after 60 days of enjoyment pls contact our helpful customer support and we’ll refund you.

No questions asked.

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