Protect Yourself And Families From Mosquito Bites And Malaria!!!

This Latest & Original Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Racket Made With LED BIONIC VIOLET LIGHT Attracts, Traps & Kills Mosquitoes Giving You A Disease-free Environment And Sound Sleep 

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Malaria Is a Deadly Disease Killing Millions Per Year Including Children


This mosquito zapper is much lighter than my Imagination, we use it for a few days the trap lamp works good, purple light is more useful at night mosquitoes can’t help but fly to it and then die. About the charging, put on the base when charging, very beautiful and neat. So far so good.
WOW LET ME FIRST START WITH IT WORKS! I’m usually skeptical about things like this but we use it to zap a fly and it spark and work 💙💙💙 I highly recommend!
This thing zaps flies, moths, wasps and blood suckers! When the bug hits there is a spark and then a loud zapping sound followed by a burnt smell of victory. The surface has good wide openings for decent size bugs and the handle has a sturdy build for a good gripe and swing. Just have to work on my backhand now. 🙂

The HIDDEN Secret why its effective...

…Is In The UV MosKiller Puff-Proof Technology! Turn it on, put it on the base. Give it a moment, let it helps you makes your night and sleep without mosquitoes.


Easy to use bug zapper that is plenty strong. It is nice having a rechargeable one instead of battery powered. There is a light function to attract bugs. A big fan of the off button to prevent accidentally turning on the zap function. Also has layers surrounding the electric layer for protection although I am too scared to try it out. I could see this being a safer version for families with kids than my previous ones
I charged it for 4hours and when I turn it on the purple light on. It’s very light and easy to use, just scroll up the button On and off! Super simple to use. You should have n
I was very happy with this zapper. It is super powerful. I love that it is rechargeable. While the light is on, it lasted about 3.5 hours. I was zapping mosquitoes within 5 seconds of turning it on. It also has a large surface area. Highly recomend.

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Normal Price: 450ghc

Promo Price: 350ghc

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love it. you can leave it on like picture show… then it will trap bugs if they fly in or you can hold in your hands then chasing bugs… it is fun….. This is the one I been searching. most of them do not have this option to the bugs by itself . If you do garden stuffs then leave it on … Bugs wont bother you.
We plugged it in and left it on in our living room while we slept and heard it going off several times that night. We were getting eat up by mosquitos. I’d buy several of these if I could afford them. Little expensive, but it really does the trick.
This thing works awesome. Holy cow. Works like a racket or as a stand alone bug zapper. GENIUS I SAY…..GENIUS! Highly recommend
Very loud , you know they are dead !!! Sat out on the deck tonight didn’t get bitten once. Zapper must have killed over 100 bugs in the hour that I was out there! I am very happy and impressed with this. While I was sitting there, I pulled out my phone and ordered a second one!
Once you hold this no flies survive.
We have so many mosquitoes in our house as we live closer to the river. This is a life changer.


We know buying online can be a fearful experience, hence we want to reassure you that there is absolutely ZERO risk in buying from our store. We are so confident you will love & enjoy flexing the Airpods Pro that if you don’t like it after 60 days of enjoyment pls contact our helpful customer support and we’ll refund you. No questions asked!

Got Any Questions?


1. For the first use, please charge it for 4-6 hours before using.
2.There are 4 blue light show the power state:25% when the one light is on; 50% when the two light is on; 75% when the three light is on; 100% when the four light is on. Please charge it in time when only one light is on.
3. When charging, the blue indicator light will be shrink, stopping shrink means fully charged.
4. Please make sure keep children and pets away to avoid touching it.
5. Please turn off the power after use.
6. Please clean the bug zapper every week.
7. Never use the wet towel or water to clean bug zapper racket to avoid causing a a short circuit.
8. If you do not use the mosquito zapper for a long time, please charge it once a month.

Frequently asked questions

Most of them drop on the floor. If the bugs trapped inside the zapper, please lightly knock the racket flat over the trash can.
Hi, the purple light only design for attract the mosquitoes, Because different insects have different habits. Yes. It fries all the insects I’ve seen.

It does. Some may need a 2nd zap but the first one stuns them well. If they get trapped inside the metal fence, they fry.

Hi, the purple light only design for attract the mosquitoes, Because different insects have different habits. Yes. It fries all the insects I’ve seen.

No, This mosquito zapper is not waterproof.
Yes, you can. It works indoor and outdoor.
Yes, but it’s better to use in the dark for the better effect. Yes, of course it works while it is charging.
This bug zapper racket takes about 4-6H to be fully charged. The blue light stops flashing when fully charged.
Yes, the 4 blue lights are battery level indicators .The red light indicates that it is on the status of working. When all the 4 blue lights are on, it means the power is 100%, when 3 blue lights are on, it means the power is 75%, when 2 blue lights are on, it means the power is 50%, when 1 blue light is on, it means the power is only 25%, please charge it in time to protect the electric board.

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