Use this Amazing New Device for Only 15 Minutes Daily on Your Neck and See How it Melts Away Even the Most Stubborn Neck Pain and Stiffness
An Unparalled Solution to all Neck/Shoulder Pains and Soreness with Vibration Handle

Whether at Work, or Traveling in a Bus or Plane, Your Neck Can Get The Best Relief From Pain and Stiffness Caused by Stress

Also Enjoy Relief From Instant MigrainesTensionHeadaches and Muscle Tension

With 963+ Happy Customers

When your neck is feeling off, the problem is typically tension in the muscles that surround the vertebrae in your neck. NeckMassager is a state-of-the-art portable neck pain massager. This small device eliminates muscle tension and relaxes your vertical spine – feels better than a massage!


NeckMassager is both innovative and very effective. Without being too technical, NeckMassager uses not one, but THREE effective tension, pain and stress relief methods. First, it uses Infrared Heat. Professional athletes use this method for healing sore and injured muscles.


It improves circulation under your skin and focuses important oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues, promoting healing. It helps ease pain, relieves inflammation, and protect against oxidative stress.


Its assembly and use is so simple that anyone can do it. It is powered by 2 AAA dry batteries that allow you to use it for up to 7 hours without battery problems. If you don’t have a lot of free time, it’s also a way to save time and money on visits to the physiotherapist, as you can treat the problem yourself at home. In addition, it includes 6 different modes and 16 strength settings to suit your needs. It is ideal for fighting the daily stress that most of the population suffers.


Its use relaxes the cervical spine, without causing tension in the muscles. The package sent to your home includes a neck massage machine, as well as two Massage pads and a cable for its connection…


Is it difficult for you to afford the time and money to visit a massage therapist? Almost everyone at some point has suffered pain in their neck and back.


This is a very common problem among both the young and adult populations and it’s only getting worse.


All of the symptoms that come with tension in your neck affect your day. Fatigue, headaches, body aches, bad mood and low performance can all be attributed to strain in your neck and upper back.


For these reasons, we must take extra care of these areas.


So, where does this tension come from?


Muscle strain, cervical spondylosis, whiplash (neck sprain), slipped disc and even poor posture are just some of the main causes of neck pain. In addition to negatively impacting your daily activities, neck pain can interfere with quality of life.


But this has a simple solution, with which you’ll succeed in relieving pain and relaxing the cervical area.


Why you need this

This portable Neck Massager uses Vibrations and Heat to Warm your Neck and Shoulder Muscle Tissue and Increase blood flow around your body.


The gentle pressure and heat can descrease any pain, tight muscle or soften scar – like tissue called adhesions, thus helping to elongate the neck muscle fibre

A simple 20mins per day can go a long way to keeping you healthy and giving you a longer life. With this device you don’t need any additional exercises as this helps achieve better results.

Can I take Neck Relief PRO anywhere I go?

Yes! You won’t need a bulky, overpriced massage chair to get all the benefits of a neck massage. It easily fits into any bag, anywhere you choose to take it…

✅ At the gym
✅ At work
✅ While relaxing
✅ While studying
✅ While traveling using car, train, bus, plane etc
✅ Everywhere you need to go!

  • Instant Relaxation

  • Comfortable Fit

  • Adjustable Gentle Arms

  • Different Working Modes

  • Variable Care Intensity

  • 2xAAA Battery Powered


Select Your Package Below…


BUY 1 (SAVE 40%)


Normal PRICE = 500ghc

SAVE = 150ghc


BUY 2 (Save 50%)


Normal PRICE = 1000ghc

SAVE = 400ghc


BUY 3 (Save 60%)


Normal PRICE =1500

SAVE = 850ghc


We know buying online can be a fearful experience, hence we want to reassure you that there is absolutely ZERO risk in buying from our store. We are so confident you will love & enjoy flexing the Foot Massager that if you don’t like it after 60 days of enjoyment pls contact our helpful customer support and we’ll refund you. No questions asked!

Hey! Want it tomorrow? Delivery is FREE if you order right now!


Got Any Questions?

See customers reviews


I’ve been suffering with neck and shoulder pain. This machine has helped me immensely..saved on going to a therapist privately as NHS never got any help.


High quality and nice design. I love that it also comes with two electrode massage pads for other body parts. I work at my laptop a lot and always have a stiff neck. And after a long time working from home in the pandemic, I’ve got lower back pain. This massager does help a lot! It was an odd experience to begin with, a little tingly, but within a few minutes I felt really relieved! I love the sensations it’s like “numbing” your nerves! I used the larger pad on my lower back area. Oh my it was heaven-like and the pain was gone! The little remote is so cute and smart. It’s like a little power bank that can be detached from the neck massager and attached to the pads through magnets for power supply. Extremely happy with the purchase. I’d highly recommend it if you’re struggling with neck and back tension.


Very happy with my purchase. Love that this massager is very portable and i can use it at work in case if I need to. Also it comes with two patches that you can use to ease the pain in mussels other than you neck. I use it all the time since I sit a lot at work and my sciatica bothers me almost every day😐


Okay, so I have been using this massager for the past week and wow I wish I had known about this sooner. I spend most of my day on my laptop and suffer from migraines quite frequently. When I tell you, thanks to this massager – I have reduced my need to use my migraine medication by 5 days this week. I am so so happy. It is great at relieving tension and I love that I can use it while I’m in bed, working on the computer, etc. The additional pads are also a nice touch on my shoulders and lower back. 100% recommend!

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