Build a Strong, Muscular, and Attractive Body at home in Just Minutes a Day by Doing Just push ups!

Transform Your Body and Your Life With the Amazing New Fitness Device That Can Help You Do More Push-Ups in the right way Than Ever Before…Without Wrist Pain, Boredom, or Injury


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Let me tell you a story about one of our customers that has used the Push-Up Board!

John is a busy professional who works as an accountant at a firm in Victoria Island, Lagos.


He is so busy that he has been finding it difficult to exercise to the extent that even the gym he registered to be going to, he doesn’t regularly go there & his registration fee ends going to waste

BUT there is one exercise that John does regularly even in his office especially when he starts feeling back pain from sitting too much at work and that is PUSH -UPS

He knew that push-ups were one of the best exercises for building body strength and development.

❌But he also knew that doing the same type of push-up over and over again was boring, painful, and ineffective.

❌He hated feeling wrist pain every time he did a push-up.

❌He hated feeling frustrated by the lack of variety and challenge in his push-up routine.

❌He hated feeling disappointed by the slow and limited results he was getting from his push-ups.

He wished there was a better way to do push-ups at home…a way that would make them more fun, more comfortable, and more effective.

Then one day, he stumbled upon our ad for a revolutionary new fitness device and now he says that the device has solved all his problems!

This revolutionary fitness device is called The Push-Up Board!


The Push Up Board is unlike anything you have ever seen or tried before.


The Push Up Board is a foldable platform that allows people like John and you to perform different types of push-ups with different hand positions.


These positions were divided into four different training zones that targeted different muscle groups:

  • Blue area: chest workout
  • Green area: tricep & biceps workout
  • Red area: shoulder workout
  • Yellow area: back workout

By changing the position of the handles, you can change the angle, intensity, and focus of your push-ups.


This way, you can exercise and get every muscle in your body fit and healthy from different angles and with different levels of resistance.


You can also customize your workout by combining different zones and positions to create your own unique push-up routine.

But that’s not all.

The Push Up Board comes with a resistance tube that is attached to the handles and the board.

This adds an extra level of challenge and variety to your push-ups by providing constant tension and resistance throughout the movement.

This way, you can increase your strength, endurance, and muscle mass even faster.


The resistance tube also allows you to perform other exercises besides push-ups, such as chest flyes, rows, curls, extensions, and more.

The Push Up Board is a complete home gym that exercises your entire body with just one device.

And the best part is…

All you need is a flat surface and some motivation to get started.

If you order today, You can get the Push Up Board for an incredibly low price of just N30,000!

That’s right. For less than the cost of a single month of a gym membership or expensive & heavy gym equipment, you can get the ultimate push-up device that will transform your body and your life.

But you have to hurry. There is only a limited number of Push-Up Boards available at this price. And once they were gone, they were gone for good.

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You can be like John who received his Push Up Board in just a few days.

According to John, when he opened the package and unfolded the platform. He attached the handles and the resistance tube. He followed the user manual and set up his first push-up routine.

He did his first push-up on the Push-Up Board…and he felt amazing!

✅He felt no wrist pain at all.

✅He felt comfortable and stable on the non-slip handles.

✅He felt a full pectoral stretch on every rep.

✅He felt his muscles working harder than ever before.

✅He felt excited by the variety and challenge of his push-up routine.

✅He felt motivated to do more push-ups than ever before.

He continued using the Push Up Board every day for just a few minutes. He changed his hand positions and zones regularly. He used the resistance tube for extra resistance and variety. He performed other exercises besides push-ups. He created his own unique push-up routine.

⭐And after just a few weeks…he saw amazing results!

💪🏽He saw his upper body become stronger, leaner, and more defined.

💪🏽He saw his chest, shoulders, triceps, back, abs, and even his legs grow bigger and stronger.

💪🏽He saw his posture, confidence, energy, and health improve dramatically.

💪🏽He saw himself look and feel great!

He was so happy with his Push Up Board that he decided to share his story with us and others. He told his friends and family about his Push Up Board.

He recommended it to anyone who wanted to build a strong, muscular, and attractive upper body at home.

And everyone who saw him or heard him was amazed by his transformation. They wanted to know what he did to achieve such amazing results. They wanted to know where he got his Push Up Board. They wanted to get one for themselves too!

And you can too!

You can get your own Push Up Board today for an incredibly low price of just N30,000!

We only have a limited number of Push Up Boards available at this price. And once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

So don’t miss this chance to get yours today. Just click on the button below and place your order now. You’ll be glad you did.

watch this video to see how to use the push up Board!


NOTE: Before Placing This Order, Please Ensure You Verify The Price Listed There. And You’re Available With The Money To Collect Your Package When Delivered.

God Bless You!

In just 30 minutes a day, you will develop muscles, build a fit body, burn calories, and lose weight.

Work out more muscles

The board features color-coded panels for each muscle group so you dispose your hands and arms at unique angles to engage various muscles:

🔵Blue area: chest workout
🟢Green area: tricep & biceps workout
🔴Red area: shoulder workout
🟡Yellow area: back workout

In just 30 minutes a day, you will develop musclesburn calories, and lose weight.

Whole body Workout

In addition to providing strength to the chest, shoulder, tricep, and back muscles, the Push-Up Board gives you a proper body alignment and can effectively tone your abs and legs as well.

With the Resistance Band, Add many new exercises to train your hamstrings, glutes, and calves along with your upper body and abdominal muscles.

The Push-Up Board accurately exercises all your major body muscles for improved strength and definition.

made with High-Quality Material
The Push-Up Board is made with high quality ABS plastic which makes the equipment strong and durable. The handles of the Push-Up Board are made with ABS material too for additional strength and support. The 100% natural latex of the resistance tube makes it highly elastic and maintains its flexibility for a long time. The Resistance Bands can be attached to the Push Up Board with the help of stainless steel hooks present in the rack.
Easy Assembly
The Push-Up Board have a very simple yet effective design and are built to give a hassle free experience. You just have to unfold the board, fix the handle in the right slots and start working out. The ease of use makes them suitable for usage by both men and women.
Anti-Slip Handles & Non-Slip Grip
The Push-Up Board has non-slip ABS handles which provide good grip and make your hold comfortable. They also help you with a good hold that helps make your workout more comfortable. The Push-Up Board comes with non-slip stickers that you can paste on the base of the board for a stable workout.

Efficient Push-ups for All The ease of use makes our push-up board suitable for both men and women. Whether you are a beginner or an expert trainee, you can use this push-up board to strengthen your upper body easily at home.

Was pleasantly supplied by the board’s quality and multi-use.

You can vary the arm angle by fixing the handles in indicated slots to hit different muscle groups.

Works the complete Chest, shoulders, upper back, and mid-back. The handles are smooth and easy to grip and improve the grip and forearm strength considerably. Bcoz of elevated handles and pushup range is deeper too and adds to overall effectiveness.

The tube that comes with the platform is easy to use and effective for complete back workouts.

The added advantage is that it’s very lightweight and you can carry it easily. 

Overall value for money and must-have.

Afolabi Olowomuke

The push Up Board is the best thing that ever happened to my upper body.

It’s easy to use, versatile, and effective.

I can do different types of push-ups with different levels of resistance and work every muscle in my chest, shoulders, arms, and back. I also love the resistance tube which adds more challenge and variety to my workouts.

I’ve seen amazing results in just a few weeks. My upper body is stronger, leaner, and more defined than ever before.

I highly recommend the Push Up Board to anyone who wants to improve their upper body strength and appearance at home. It’s worth every penny!

Tamunosaki Braide

I’ve been using the Push Up Board for a month and I’m blown away by the results.

It’s so easy to set up and use, and it gives me a full upper-body workout in just a few minutes.

I can switch between different hand positions and zones to target different muscle groups and challenge myself.

The resistance bands also adds more fun and variety to my push-ups and other exercises. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my upper body strength and shape. My chest, shoulders, arms, and back are more muscular and defined than ever.

I feel more confident and energetic. The Push Up Board is the best investment I’ve ever made for my fitness. You should get one too!

Evans Usifoh

Burn calories and build strength with this innovative pushup system, leading you through a total-body strength and conditioning workout.

The Push-Up Board is an innovative color code training system that strengthens and shapes your entire upper body (chest, shoulders, back, and arms) while also exercising your whole body!

🔵It is also portable so if you don’t feel like doing it in the gym then you can pack it up and do it in your home, in the park or anywhere you want to be.

🔴It has a total of 9 different positions targeting your shoulders, triceps, chest, and back. The different color-coded push-up boards will target specific muscles and work them to your maximum pump.

🟢With Push-up Rack Board you will have a guided push-up routine. The different position of the handles targets the different muscles in our upper body. Giving you the correct hand position when doing a push-up.

🟡You can build up a strong, and flexible body with this workout equipment. Reach your goals no matter, if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced athlete.




Package Includes:

1 Push-Up Board + 1 Free Skip Rope


2 Push-Up Board + 2 Free Skip Ropes


3 Push-Up Board + 3 Free Skip Ropes



NOTE: Before Placing This Order, Please Ensure You Verify The Price Listed There. And You’re Available With The Money To Collect Your Package When Delivered.

God Bless You!


We know buying online can be a fearful experience, hence we want to reassure you that there is absolutely ZERO risk in buying from our store. We are so confident you will love & enjoy the Push-Up Board! that if you don’t like it after 60 days of enjoyment pls contact our helpful customer support and we’ll refund you.

No questions asked..

You also get FREE Delivery to your location.

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