Keep all your cooking utensils tidy, dry and clean easily!
The dish drying rack can store various sizes of utensils, including bowl, plate, knife ,fork, dish towel and so on. Just one over sink organizer in your kitchen, will save space and make your messy kitchen clean and tidy in no time.
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Transform your kitchen & keep your utensils organized!

Say goodbye to a messy kitchen counter and drying dishes on a smelling napkin.


With this above-the-sink rack, dishes will dry faster, and you’ll have more kitchen counter space.


8 Different compartments for your different needs.


It’s spacious and sturdy and you can put your daily utensils: dishes, bowls, knives, cups, spoons, paper towels, cutting boards, pots, etc. on the sink dish rack rather than scattering them around your counter.


The assembling is super easy. Only 4 screws are needed to assemble the whole dish sink drain rack and it also comes with spare screws and suction cups included in the package.


Interchangeable racks enable you to place the parts anywhere on the shelf based on your preference. Make your own unique dish-drying rack!


The rack has a high weight rating of 88 lbs, ensuring your safe daily usage.


With advanced stainless steel and a matte black paint layer, this above sink dish rack is totally rust-free, easy to clean, and can be used for a long time.


This over-sink dish rack is completely flexible and you can shift things around to your liking.


This 2-tier dish drying rack features a large capacity for storing various kitchenware and a compact design for saving space.


Arranging bowls, dishes, utensils, and other kitchenware in separate baskets or holders, makes storage more effective and kitchenware more organized.


Moreover, the width of this stainless steel dish drying rack can be freely adjusted as per the size of your sink, making it suitable for most household sinks.

Multi-Functional and Convenient.

The over the sink rack features an all-in-one design that can efficiently help you to store various cleaning supplies, such as bowls, dishes, knives, wine glasses, cutting boards, and more.

In addition, with the adjustable height of the upper rail, your view will never be blocked when you are doing cleaning in the kitchen.

With three separate side attachments and two top shelves that can be placed at your choosing. Want the utensil/knife holder on the inside you can do that. Want the cutting board holder on the outside and the mini shelf on the inside you can do that too. The arrangement is totally up to you and each part can be mixed and matched to your preference.

Adjustable Length.

The length of this practical dish drying rack over the sink can be freely adjusted according to your actual needs.

You can rest assured that the dish rack fits almost all sizes of household sinks and kitchen counters.

Strong & Stable.

Thanks to its L-shaped main side carriers, it is stable and doesn’t lean forward.

Very sturdy and durable to hold weight of dishes and other kitchen utensils.

Use it for storage for utensils, knives, plates, bowls, soap, sponges, cutting boards etc.

Rust Free.

Made of nano coated steel, you won’t have any issues with rust!

What You will enjoy with the over the sink rack!

  • Muti-Functional: The over-the-sink rack includes 1 dish rack, 1 bowl rack, 1 fruit basket, 1 knife and cutlery holder, 1 utensil holder, 1 cutting board holder, and 7 utility hooks. All these components could be removable. Snap-on structure for easy removal and you can adjust the position any way you like it.
  • Adjustable: The length of the dish rack can be adjusted to perfectly fit most of the kitchen sinks.
  • Convenient, Organized, and Space-Saving: Our dish drying rack combines drying with kitchen storage. When you dry the dishes, water will drop into the sink directly to keep your countertop dry, clean, and tidy. Saving your kitchen space by using the space above the sink so everything can be neatly organized.
  • Durable Quality and Sturdy: Stainless steel covered by a black baking finish ensures no rusting, long-lasting durability, and easy cleaning. The anti-slip suction cup at the bottom for reinforcement stability.
  • Easy Assembly: Installation is very simple, please follow the instructions with the package. 

Users like you love it!


The over sink dish drying rack is very efficient. It saves counter space by using above sink space to dry wet dishes and cups. It also cuts the cleaning time by keeping water off the counter. Most of the excess water from the dishes drop directly to the sink. The setup was simple and easy. I love that it comes with everything I need. I can use a cutting board, wash it and just keep it in the side rack to dry until the next time of use. I also like I can hang the washing brushes.

I’ve had it for several months now and haven’t noticed any signs of rusting. I haven’t had any issues with it being too full of dishes and it steadily will hold my HEAVY stainless steel pans for drying on the regular – not a single issue. With that said, I give it 5 stars, because with all the months of use, I figured something would be wrong by now, but I have no complaints. Great product!
Absolutely amazing product! Transformed the kitchen and has changed everything for the better. Everything is so organized now. Kitchen always looked scattered before. Now I have no issues with keeping the kitchen clean and organized!

What’s In The Box

After you place your order today…Tomorrow or next, you will receive a package that contains:

  •  1x Assembly kit (includes instructions and screw pack)
  • 1x Dish rack
  • 1x Bowl rack
  • 1x Dishwashing accessory basket
  • 1x Fruit & vegetable basket
  • 1 x Cutlery holder
  • 1 x Chopping board holder
  • 1x Knife holder
  • 5 x Hooks
  • 8 x Suction cups

Watch this Video to see how to assemble in just 5 minutes👇!


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We know buying online can be a fearful experience, hence we want to reassure you that there is absolutely ZERO risk in buying from our store. We are so confident you will love & enjoy flexing The Over The Sink Rack that if you don’t like it after 60 days of enjoyment pls contact our helpful customer support and we’ll refund you. No questions asked!

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