all it takes is five minutes a day to transform your body!

You can now get that fit and healthy body that you have always wanted with a flat tummy or 6 packs without going to the gym, buying expensive gym equipment, or using any weight loss products!


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See how the Revoflex Xtreme helps you exercise and get fit!

A Sporty Yet Elegant Luxury Watch!


Having a body with a flat tummy (if you are a woman) or having 6-packs (if you are a man).


Your dream body that is fit and healthy!


You are now so confident and attractive that even people are attracted to you!


As a lady, men are rushing you even though you are married.


As a man, women won’t leave you alone even when you tell them you are not interested!


And yet when people ask you how you have such a fit and healthy body they envy you.


They ask which drugs you used,


They ask you which gym you are attending or which gym equipment you use,


They ask you which diet you are on,


They ask which fitness coach or program you bought…


But they get the surprise of their life when you tell them that you only use a piece of simple exercise equipment and that you even use it at home, office, and even in your hotel room!


That’s what the Revoflex Xtreme is all about, a simple piece of fitness equipment that you can use to exercise and transform your body without

having to buy expensive & heavy gym equipment,

pay costly gym membership or fitness coach fees,

or buy weight loss drugs!


Introducing the Revoflex Xtreme, the incredible new Fitness invention that’s so powerful and effective it’s guaranteed to deliver the best body workout you’ve ever had or your money back and you’ll do it all easily and effortlessly while having fun in just 5 easy minutes a day!


With its bi-directional power assist technology, as you move forward the tension in the power assist bands builds up giving you more resistance and a stronger workout than when you slide back that built-up tension is slowly released forcing the bands to contract to make it easier for you to return to your original position.


Revoflex makes it easier for anyone to exercise no matter what shape you’re in and because it’s easier and effortless your workouts will be a lot more fun which will motivate you to continue exercising to achieve your goals.


Unlike gym exercises that work only one body area at a time and let you rest, Revoflex targets the upper middle and lower abs and the core muscles simultaneously by constantly giving them positive and negative resistance which never lets them rest this makes the Revoflex workout much more intense more efficient and it provides better results in less time than normal exercises or equipment.

Here is why you should get the revoflex extreme today!

Multifunctional Fitness Equipment

The Revoflex Xtreme is perfect for weight loss and body shaping.

It can be to offers up to 6 training levels, and +50 different exercises.

Easy to Use

You only need the Revoflex Xtreme for different exercises, for the waist, abdomen, legs, and the whole body.

It’s really good for home exercises and toning and is easy to use.


Adjustable Length

The five notches on the bottom can adjust the length of the tube.

Please make corresponding adjustments according to your height. 

Makes exercising more fun and exciting!

Revoflex Xtreme is ideal for exercising your upper, middle, lower, and oblique abs, but also for the chest, back, arms, shoulders, thighs, and glutes.


As you move forward, the tension of the two-way force-assisted elastic bands increases, providing more resistance and a more intense workout.


Get an easier, better, and more intense workout with the Revoflex Xtreme.


With its 6 levels of difficulty and 50 different exercises, you will be able to simultaneously work your abs, your pecs, your back, your arms, your shoulders, your thighs, and other parts of your body.

A home gym for your workouts,
use Revoflex Xtreme to strengthen your abdominal and core muscles and give you the physical shape you need for a healthy and balanced body.

It is made from plastic and is available in a shade of black and green color. It has a maximum load capacity of 200 grams, which makes it sturdy and durable.


Equipped with two-way assisted technology, The Revoflex Xtreme exercise targets the upper, middle, and lower abdominals with the core muscles simultaneously. The equipment has the characteristic of moving sideways for boards and lateral stretches.

The gymnastics set includes two-way assisted technology. As you move forward, the assist tension increases, giving you more resistance and a stronger workout. The tension slowly builds up and releases as you slide back, forcing the back muscles to contract and giving you a good workout.


Do a wide range of workouts, The Revoflex Xtreme helps you do a variety of exercises. Some of them include roll crunch, ab wheel plank, knee roll out, forward roll out, side rolls out, roll out, knee flex, bridge hold, etc.


Besides being useful, this product helps you to make your workouts fun and exciting.

See what those that are enjoying the Revoflex Xtreme are saying.

I love it. It actually works! It’s fun & not time-consuming.

-Mrs. Temidayo Oladele (Lagos)

I used it for weight loss, and I am amazed. It has really helped plus I feel relaxed after using this.

It took two weeks to evaluate, I checked and I have lost weight.

You can use it in your free time, very conveniently, without movement, without dieting.

-Aisha Usman (Kaduna)

It’s a fun exercise machine that makes you burn extra fat. 

I actually sweat a lot while doing training on it. It helped me to lose 2 lbs in a week after I weighed myself and my leg is kind of sore every time after using it. You can also adjust the level based on your need.

Overall, It’s an excellent machine for exercising.

-Mohammed Kabir Abuja)

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Why You Should Get the Revoflex Xtreme from Us Today!


We know buying online can be a fearful experience, hence we want to reassure you that there is absolutely ZERO risk in buying from our store.

We are so confident that you will love and enjoy the Revoflex Xtreme that if you are unhappy with it after 60 days, just contact our friendly customer service and we will return your money.


The stock of the Revoflex Xtreme is low and we’re not sure when the new shipment will arrive so don’t miss out!

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