Slice, Dice, Mince, & julienne your vegetables and fruits in seconds without using knives that cut your fingers!

Now you can Safely & Quickly Prepare Your salads, stews, potato chips, and other Meals!

see how the slicer works...

The Only Slicer That Saves Your Fingers From Cuts & palm injuries while getting the best cut, freshest Vegetables & Fruits

I shouted “Ouch, oh My God” in pain as I saw the deep cut on my finger and the blood that was coming out, this was not the first time I had cut my finger while using a knife to slice cucumbers for my salad.


I had cut myself several times either when dicing onions or slicing carrots, I was tired of frequently cutting my fingers.


And I decided to find a better way to prepare my vegetables & fruits without cutting my fingers or palms with a knife.


I went online and researched and that was how I came across the “Multi-Functional Slicer”


Before I introduce you to this amazing Kitchen Appliance that makes it easier, safer & faster for you to prepare your vegetables and fruits.

I believe that at a particular time, you might have experienced finger cuts during slicing vegetables, dicing onions, cutting potatoes, etc.


It is indeed so painful and annoying.


But what if you can slice your food quickly and never get your finger cut in life?


Yes, that is possible with Multi-Functional Slicer.

The unique design prevents your hands from ever going near the built-in blades.


Even your child can use it to quickly slice, dice, mince, and julienne vegetables and fruits, the Multi-Functional Slicer is the safest option for preparing vegetables & fruits.

It offers you the safest way to slice, julienne, and dice your food in seconds.

Simply add vegetables or fruits and push down to slice, dice, mince, shred, etc.

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perfect for quickly preparing onions, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, apples, potatoes, and many more.

✅here are what you will enjoy when you use the Multi-Functional Slicer

safest vegetables & fruits slicer in the world

Unlike knives and other slicersYou wouldn’t need to touch the dangerous blades to slice your vegetables & fruits. 

The slicer is not only safe but quite effective.  It has a shield protector that keeps your hand and finger away from the sharp blades for a safer way to slice. Prepare food with no kitchen risks.

The sharp blades will do their job to chop the vegetable safely without you exerting much pressure on the lever while pushing down the vegetables. 

allows you to cut your vegetables & fruits in 30 different shapes & sizes

Slice, chop, dice, shred, or julienne vegetables and fruits in seconds in 30 shapes and sizes.

With 30 cutting options, the slicer cuts perfectly even slices of vegetables and fruits.

Fastest, safest & easier way to prepare your vegetables for your delicious meals

Made with Premium stainless steel blades with 4 modes: slicing, julienne, strips/mince/chips/fries, and dicing

Made with Premium stainless steel blades with 4 modes: slicing, julienne, strips/mince/chips/fries, and dicing to ensure the desired level of vegetable or fruit cut thickness is achieved.

The blades are super sharp for a smooth experience during usage.

No need to replace the blades as they are anti-rust, durable, and don’t get blunt.

The whole body is made of food-grade non-toxic ABS plastic that is strong and stable during use.

easy to clean

Is incredibly very easy to clean.

You can take it apart and either wash it in the dishwasher or rinse it with water.

It comes with a brush so you can easily remove any remnants of fruits or vegetables on the blade.
It is equipped with a food collection container, and can be easily rinsed with water

Easy To Store

Foldable and compact design, small size takes up little cabinet space.

How to use

Simply put the vegetables into the feeding chute and push down the main handle to see perfectly sliced vegetables coming out of the other end.

see what people that have used the Multi-Purpose Slicer are saying...

I finally came across this kitchen artifact vegetable slicer. It’s so easy to use, the key is also easy to clean, and it’s very safe. children can operate it, and it occupies a small area.

Mrs. Hajara M.

The cut is smooth. It won’t hurt your hands at all. The shreds and slicing are perfect, and there is no need to change the blade. Now that there is this slicer tool, there is no need to worry about it.

-Linda O.

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We know buying online can be a fearful experience, hence we want to reassure you that there is absolutely ZERO risk in buying from our store. We are so confident you will love & enjoy the Multi-Purpose Slicer that if you don’t like it after 60 days of enjoyment pls contact our helpful customer support and we’ll refund you.

No questions asked.

You also get FREE Delivery to your location.

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