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Monitor your home, office, shop, or school during the day & night on your phone without anyone knowing from anywhere and anytime.


With the custom technologies of this spy bulb, you can know if your househelp is maltreating your child, or know if your staff or people are stealing from your office or shop & also be able to observe any suspicious movement.

See how it works...

The world is very unsafe and we need to protect ourselves, family and our valuables...BUT HOW DO WE DO THAT? That's why you need to read this short story below...

Recently, a video was trending on social media. In a shop that sells phones, a guy walked in and did as if he wanted to buy a phone, he waited until the salesgirl was distracted and quickly put one of the phones inside his pocket and walked out.


Unfortunately for him, there was a CCTV camera watching him and the owner of the shop who was in the office quickly came out and shouted “Thief Thief” and the guy was caught and beaten blue and black.


He was almost killed but the police were called and he was taken to the station.


The shop owner was asked how did he know the guy had stolen and he said he was watching everything from his phone in his office because he had installed a CCTV camera, everyone started looking for the camera in the shop but they didn’t see it, they were now asking the owner that there is no CCTV in the shop that maybe he used juju.


The man just laughed and pointed to one of the bulbs in the shop. the bulb was not an ordinary bulb but a spy bulb that was recording everything happening.


Everyone was shocked!


The world we live in these days is full of evil people who are out to commit one crime or the other.


Even house helps have been caught on camera beating their oga’s children.


Just imagine you leave your children with your househelp, do you even know how they are been treated?


What if your househelp is maltreating or abusing them?


If you run a business, do you know what happens in your absence in your shop or office?


How do you know if your staff is not stealing from you or if some of those who come to the shop are not coming to steal?


Most criminals now know that people are installing CCTV cameras in their homes, office, and shops, so they always look for ways to do their evil deeds without the camera watching them.


The best way to catch them is to disguise your CCTV camera and the best product we have discovered in all our years of providing security gadgets is this SPY BULB.



This affordable Spy Bulb has a smart ball of 1080p high definition cameras that give you a crystal clear view up to 30 feet and a 360-degree wide-angle lens means you can see into any corner of your room, office, or shop.


The infrared night vision helps you to see everything happening in full view even when it is dark.


The two-way audio lets you hear and even speak to people on the other end.


You can watch everything happening on your phone anywhere you are in the world!


Now you can ensure your children are safe with your house help!


Now you can watch everything happening in your office or shop and prevent any stealing or criminal act.


Be one step ahead with this SPY BULB.

Remote Viewing

When traveling or on business, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your house. You can use your iPhone / Android phone to watch the camera at any time and interact with family members to make you feel more at ease. Ideal for families with babies, the elderly, and pets.

Supports remote viewing, you can watch what is happening in your office or shop on your phone anywhere & anytime!

Motion Detection & Instant App Alarm

When the bulb security camera detects motion, it sends a notification alert to your phone, so you can know immediately what’s happening at your office, shop, or home.

You can also playback motion alert video clips to check for missed moments.


Full Hd Day & Night Vision

The 1080P high-definition dome surveillance camera has excellent night vision capabilities, whether it is day or night, you can clearly view and monitor.

The camera can light and keep an eye on your room, whether there are lights or not, and would automatically turn on when it detects a dark environment, you can view clear images even in total darkness.

Easy installation and wireless connection

It’s as easy as replacing a light bulb to install this spy bulb.

It only takes five minutes to quickly enter the world of surveillance. It can be directly installed on the socket where bulbs normally are.

Easy connection to Wi-Fi!

After connecting to the internet, download the application software and follow the instructions.

Two Way Audio

Our wifi spy bulb has microphone speaker equipped with noise filter technology that creates a perfect two-way conversation.

Even when you are outside the house, office or shop, you can easily talk with your family or staff anytime from anywhere in the world on your phone, laptop or tablet.

Security Camera & Light Bulb (2-in-1)

A security camera? And also a light bulb?

Yes, this is a 2-in-1 Security Camera with 3 floodlights built-in! And what makes it more amazing is, that the built-in floodlight Turns on automatically when someone passes by during the night!

The bulb camera has 3 LED lights, you can use your mobile phone to turn the lights off and on. And it can be set to automatic mode, when someone passes by, the light will automatically turn on.

360 Degree Panaromic View

This bulb has a built-in 360-degree panoramic VR home surveillance dome camera.

The light bulb rotates 360 degrees. Don’t miss any moment.

It rotates so as to capture everything happening in a room.


Cloud or Local Storage

All 24/7 recording footage from the spy bulb will be stored in the cloud or micro SD card.

All video and pictures are protected by encryption to ensure the safty of your privacy.

How to install the Spy Bulb...

Watch & See how very easy it is to set up…

Follow these steps to install with ease

See what our happy customers are saying...


We got this along with another product to watch our house when we traveled for a week. It was easy to set up and use, the picture was very clear, and the feed was always connected whenever I checked on it.


This camera is perfect for my downstairs room! I put it in the light bulb socket on my fan for when my baby is sleeping downstairs! It’s very easy to use and set up! I like that I can see and control everything from my phone! For the price and ease of use it was definitely worth it!


Very easy to install.
Surprisingly good video quality and I get Prompt motion alerts on my phone even when am not in the shop.

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We know buying online can be a fearful experience, hence we want to reassure you that there is absolutely ZERO risk in buying from our store. We are so confident you will love & enjoy the Spy Bulb that if you don’t like it after 60 days of enjoyment pls contact our helpful customer support and we’ll refund you. No questions asked

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