The portable vacuum cleaner for car has four functions :
it can not only be used for daily cleaning but also inflate tires.
In addition, the vacuum cleaner also has a digital tire pressure LCD display, it automatically stops when the preset pressure value is reached, and a built-in LED work light that illuminates your surroundings.

For those who want to easily clean their cars, we recommend this little car vacuum cleaner type that Is Conveniently Powered By A Cigarette Lighter Socket, easily cleans anything from liquid spills to crumbs, dirt, and even invisible dust.

Clean recessed areas should be cleaned frequently, including foot mats, the sand in the trunk, seat scum, and cup storage. It can also be used to clean up spills of liquids like milk, juice, tea, or coffee. This dust buster may be used in all places around the house.

This product contains a LED light that can be used to remove dirt and dust that has accumulated in places that are dark, including the space beneath the seat. When unexpected problems such changing tires on roads without street lights or poor vision arise , the LED light can be promptly used to illuminate your surroundings while inflating flats

witness it in action


💎 STRONG SUCTION AND FAST INFLATION: Strong suction to remove your automobile of dust, hair and other contaminants effortlessly. You won’t ever have to worry about a flat tire again thanks to the compressor tire inflator. Most inflatables, balls, motorcycles, sedans, and SUVs can be handled by it.



💎 INGENIOUS DESIGN: This “clever” flat-bottomed compact car vacuum kit tire inflator can glide effortlessly on any surface of your automobile. Additionally, it has a protective top that keeps the garbage in a visible container so you can see when to empty it. 



💎 UPGRADED HEPA DESIGN: Quickly separate air and dust without clogging the filter; can be washed more than 500 times; eliminates need for frequent replacement of filters. 5 different vacuum nozzles, 7000pa suction, and noise levels under 60 dB let you get expert cleaning results while saving time and money.



💎 MULTI-PURPOSE & ECONOMICAL:  Our portable mini car vacuum has both vacuum cleaning and inflatable functions. Combining the two functions in one product saves the trouble of carrying and storing two products at the same time and is more cost-effective. It also can be used as an LED flashlight and tire pressure gauge, buy one product and enjoy 4 functions at one time.



💎 LONG CORD DESIGN & LED LIGHTING:  The 13ft power cord enables you to clean any hard-to-reach area of your car and easy connection to front and rear wheels when inflated. LED light can help vacuum in the dark, making it easier to find dust and hair in invisible places. Tires can also be inflated easily at night and will also serve as a warning to surrounding vehicles.



💎 TIRE PRESSURE CHECKING & AUTO SHOUT-OFF FUNCTION: Digital backlit LCD screen with 4 units of adjustment( BAR, KPA, PSI, kg/cm ²). Preset pressure value, when the tire inflator reaches the desired pressure, the air compressor will automatically turn off. So don’t worry about over-inflating or low tire pressure anymore.

washable hepa filter


  • gold colour 
  •  13-foot (4-meter) power cable length
  • flat crevice nozzle
  •  dust brush
  • extended flexible hose.
  • practical tire inflator pump, which is perfect for all types of tires as well as inflating sporting goods and camping gear
  • three accessory valves
  • Air Pump Nozzle X 3
  • HEPA Filter X 2
  • Storage Bag X 1


This Vacuum/Tire Inflator is amazing. Firstly, I purchased this because I was sick and tired of going to a gas station every time my tires got low or my interior needed a good cleaning. This product allows me to maintain my car at home or anywhere I need it! truly a worthwhile investment and I will be buying one or two for Christmas gifts this year for sure. It had good suction, all the components were built well, and overall easy to use. I didn’t have any issues cleaning it. Just popping the lid off, removing the debris, and wiping out the dust. – Hamid Rahman 

The product implements so many beneficial factors. You pump up your tire, basketball, check the pressure within the basketball or tire, scrub off and use the vaccum to clean sand and so on.

I’ll be honest, I don’t clean my car as often as I should however, because of how convenient this is, I have no reason not to now. The vacuum works very well and my car looks so much cleaner. It’s also very easy to clean as you just rinse it out with water. I haven’t had a chance to use the tire inflator part yet, however my main reason for purchasing this was for the vacuum. The bag also makes it easy to store and keep it organized in my car.

I wasn’t expecting much since the ones I’ve tried in the past didn’t have much suction, but this one is pretty impressive! The air compressor works great too! It aired up a lady’s tire from flat to drive able in just a few minutes. Really glad I had it, she would have ruined her wheel trying to get home.

 It did a great job cleaning up the beach sand and mountain dirt after a fun weekend. I particularly love the attachments that get in between the seats. I have a suv and it reaches all around the whole car. I haven’t had to use the air pump, but I’m glad I have it just in case my bicycle needs a pump!

It comes with a nice brush for the vacuum end so when you’re vacuuming your carpets and seats and all, you won’t need a ton of suction power as the brush will keep up all the gross stuff in your car and the vacuum will catch it 85-90% of the time. Makes a big difference and the fact that it can also fill up your tire anywhere you are can be a life saver! I actually used it recently to help out a guy who I noticed had a flat tire. He didn’t even realize it and it was so flat he likely would have been stuck where he was had it not been for me owning this product. It’s great for the price too!


  1.  Just plug this auto tire inflator into the 12V power outlet in your car
  2. Attach the hose to the tire you want to inflate
  3. Preset your desired pressure value
  4. Press the power switch button
  5. Wait for it to inflate
  6. It automatically turns off when it reaches the pressure value you want.
  1. Plug it in your 12V car’s lighter plug and use the 16.4ft power cord to cover any area of your car

  2. vacuum all dirts and debris.

what our valued customers have to say about the device

I mainly brought this to inflate my tires when I needed too and it works perfectly! I’m happy with my purchase.

Excellent 4 in 1 portable vacuum and tire inflator! This little thing is very easy to use. It comes with several attachments, and the cord is very long allowing you to hit all areas of your vehicles with ease. Powerful enough to get every spec of dirt if you are meticulous like I am. the included bag/case is a nice addition as well. The tire inflator works very well, I was surprised how accurate it was. Just make sure you select the correct pressure measurement before using (there are several to chose from). Highly recommended if you are looking for something portable, or just a reliable tire inflator

This is truly the best investment I’ve made for my car! It makes it so easy to keep my car clean and looking fresh. The suction power on the vacuum is impressive and the attachments help me get into the hard to reach places. The tire inflator has been a life saver and makes it so easy to keep my car and bike tires inflated and safe. It also comes with a bag to keep all of the attachments in one place and organized! I 10/10 recommend making this purchase!

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