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By implementing efficient Facebook advertising that generates quality leads and developing sales funnels, landing pages, and sales pages with high conversion rates in real-time, Oaisha significantly contributes to growing businesses’ revenue and annual gross profit.

Our Services


We provide sales closing consultancy services to address unresponsive Facebook advertising that aren’t producing enough leads to drive revenue.

Facebook Ads

We help increase business revenue using proven strategic Facebook marketing campaigns.

Sales Funnel Designs

Help scale businesses using high converting sales and landing pages.

Emmanuel Chinaza Ugwuanyi
Emmanuel Chinaza Ugwuanyi
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I was new to ecommerce when we initially started working together, and Aisha is simply great. My conversions from her ads are absolutely insane. Never had that many sales before, and she pushed above and beyond to assist in creating the ideal, highly captivating copy! Would definitely collaborate with her again Oh, and her sales page was really insane. excellent graphic creatives and effective sales copy!! It provided all details and generated a lot of sales.
Etido Joseph Dem
Etido Joseph Dem
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Aisha is an expert at Facebook advertising in the truest sense of the word. She is, in essence, a master of Facebook marketing strategy and a creative thinker with superb observation and listening abilities. She is precise, thorough, and provides the highest level of client satisfaction.

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